Corporate Donations and Community Cashback Schemes.


We have recently received some donations from large companies based on the volunteer hours their employees undertake with the Club. We have decided to ring fence any of these corporate donations to be used towards extra or new coaching equipment or towards subsidising Colts places for players and families needing some financial help.

Match giving, or match funding, is a simple way to maximise the fundraising efforts of our Colts volunteers. It is an arrangement that lots of companies offer to their employees. Usually, a company pledges to donate to a charity organisation in which their employee volunteers their time to help. 

Below is a list of companies who until recently had donation or community cashback schemes, the list is not exhaustive so it is always worth looking on your employers intranet, staff pages or talking to your employer. 

Abbey Cable & Wireless, IBM, PWC

Alliance & Leicester, Carlsberg Tetley, Citibank, JP Morgan, RBS

American Express, Co-operative Bank, Kelloggs, Reuters

AXA, Cornhill Insurance, KPMG, RL Sainsburys

BAA, DHL, Lloyds TSB, Sky

Bank of England, Dixons M&S, Tesco

Barclays, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Thames Water

BOC Group, Experian, GSK, British Gas, Goldman Sachs Pfizer

If your company is able to support Colts, it should be a relatively simple application process outlining the weekly, monthly or yearly hours a volunteer undertakes and some details about the clubs governance and structure. 

If you have any questions or need information to complete the application, please contact Sarah Bremner ( Thank you very much for your continued support. We know that our fundraising efforts are only possible with your generosity and time.